Which Hosting Is Best For WordPress

Which Hosting Is Best For WordPress – Whether you’re a blogger or a regular business, using a well-managed WordPress hosting platform is critical to success.

WordPress has been democratizing the web for fifteen years now. Blogging offers a flexible experience and is so easy to learn that even a beginner can work on it.

Which Hosting Is Best For WordPress

Which Hosting Is Best For WordPress

Released in 2003, WordPress is a website content management system (CMS) that powers more than 30 percent of all content. It provides access to thousands of free plugins and themes that you can use to design your website and add powerful features.

Best WordPress Hosting Companies Of January 2023

If you use WordPress as a hobby, the free account is right for you. But if you have an established site and heavy traffic on a regular basis, you can afford some downtime. Also, web pages take longer to load.

Since there are so many things you need to take care of to run your website, including content, design, social media, marketing, and more, managing WordPress can become a pain in the long run. But you need not worry. To overcome these challenges, many hosting providers now offer managed WordPress hosting.

As the name suggests, it is specially designed and optimized for WordPress, where everything is managed by the hosting provider. If you want the simplicity, flexibility and power of fast WordPress hosting then this is the perfect solution for you.

The host will handle all technical aspects like backup, security, WordPress updates, speed etc. This allows you to focus on running your business rather than getting caught up in management hassles.

Choosing The Best WordPress Web Hosting Provider

With managed WordPress hosting, you also have the tightest security for your site with tools and software to scan for malware, phishing attempts and block all hacking attempts.

With fully managed WordPress hosting, you can easily create, edit and manage your site and have it running seamlessly from the moment you open it. Management is integrated with your hosting account, and a team of trained Sysadmins help speed up your site and keep it secure.

Let us take an example to understand better. Let’s say that you participate in some car races with your daily compact family chair. If you’ve seen The Fast and the Furious, you probably know the level of preparation your car goes through to compete or win a race in movie-inspired scenarios.

Which Hosting Is Best For WordPress

You need to get the help of racing experts to increase engine power, shift summaries, gearbox strings and other things that racing enthusiasts need to know very well. So at the end of the day, you still have a compact sedan, but it has been worked on with the help of experts to maximize performance. It is handled somewhat like WordPress hosting.

Best Hosting For WordPress 2022

So now that you know what WordPress hosting is, the next question arises as to who is the best WordPress hosting provider.

Below is a list of the top WordPress hosting providers and the reasons why they are in the top 10.

Bluehost managed WordPress hosting plans, starting at $19.95/month, promise unlimited traffic. With Bluehost, you get 100+ free WordPress themes, daily backups, a free SSL certificate and a private domain.

Bluehost also offers an enhanced cPanel, using which you can easily manage your WP website, email, domain and other features.

What Is The Best Website To Host A Blog On WordPress Fast (60 Seconds) & Easy?

Cloudways managed WordPress hosting increases the performance of your websites and keeps them secure. It also offers one-click deployment and free migration and backup management.

Managed WordPress hosting from Cloudways has the Aura Cache plugin that speeds up the caching process and simplifies the integration of Cloudways CDN with your WP website. Compresses files using Gzip compression to reduce file delivery time.

Additionally, you get a free Encrypt SSL certificate and a pre-built WP-CLI. Priced at $12 per month, Cloudways offers 25 GB of storage, 1 GB of RAM, 1 TB of bandwidth, and 24/7 support.

Which Hosting Is Best For WordPress

WordPress hosting from DreamHost includes 1-click staging, pre-installed SSL certificate, unlimited email, 30GB SSD storage, 24/7 support and guaranteed uptime. SSDs (solid state drives) make your website faster.

Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting Providers Compared For 2023

Flywheel WordPress hosting enables you to migrate your site to Flywheel for free. It provides a platform to easily make changes to your website.

The lowest price plan starts at $15/month, with 5 GB disk, 20 GB bandwidth and 5 monthly visits.

GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting focuses on automating the most important part of WordPress hosting so users can experience true automation. The service is available in four plans – Pro 5, Pro 10, Pro 25, Pro 50. Pricing and other features are primarily based on the number of pages required. The basic plan provides 5 pages.

If users want a hosting plan with only 1 website, they can also explore other WordPress hosting plans. All new website SSL, backup, malware scanner, site staging pre-installed. Customers can manage all their websites through a single dashboard.

Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Providers In 2022

With Kinsta managed WordPress hosting, free migrations, daily backups, and a dashboard to review your site.

Powered by Google Cloud Platform, Kinsta WP hosting costs $30 per month. Kinsta offers 25,000 visits per month, 10 GB disk space, free SSL certificate and CDN.

Liquidweb’s Spark WordPress plan starts at $13.30 per month, allowing you to host one website. It includes 15 GB of file storage, 2 TB of bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, Pro Builder Castor Lite, as well as iThemes Security Pro and iThemes Sync.

Which Hosting Is Best For WordPress

There are no limits on pages and traffic limits and data is automatically backed up daily.

Best WordPress Hosting For High Traffic Websites

Namecheap offers fast and cheap managed WordPress hosting known as EasyWP. The service can be billed monthly and annually depending on the user’s budget and convenience. WordPress sites can be installed in under 90 seconds and are hosted in the Namecheap cloud. In addition, it provides an easy-to-use dashboard for managing WordPress sites.

It allows easy backup and restore with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. It also claims to be 3x faster than Traditional WordPress hosting.

Pressable offers optimized managed WordPress hosting, which includes scalable traffic, automatic updates, nightly backups, and 24/7 WordPress expert support.

Among the freebies, Pressable offers CDN, malware scanning and removal, SSL certificate, hosting and caching. With the entry plan, you can host 1 WordPress website for $15.83 per month and 5,000 visits per month.

Cheap WordPress Hosting Services ( 2023 Deals)

SiteGround Managed WordPress Hosting provides automated WordPress installation and a WordPress Starter that creates a real, functional site in minutes. You don’t have to worry about WP version updates when it automatically updates.

Built on Google Cloud Platform, they offer you a free CDN (Content Delivery Network) to speed up your site. Their Startup plan starts at just $6.99 (after discount) per month, with 24/7 support. Along with this, you will get a free SSL certificate, daily backups, WP-CLI, SSH and a 30-day money back guarantee. This plan is suitable for 10,000 visits per month. You can check out GrowBig and GoGeek plans for hosting multiple pages, 25k and 100K monthly visits respectively.

Temple is a new and modern web hosting company offering managed WordPress hosting built on Google Cloud. At Templ, you’ll get everything from a managed WordPress hosting service, including free site levels, daily backups, 24/7 monitoring, and more. In the Temple, every ministry and service is included in all the plans.

Which Hosting Is Best For WordPress

Some other things you can use in Templ are speed optimization and free Google Cloud CDN. For the first year, Templ will update your WP Core, plugins and themes for you once a month for free.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

Pricing for Templ starts at $15 and includes 5 GB of SSD space and 10 GB of data transfer. If you want to try Templ for free, they offer free trials.

WP Engine is a type of VIP WordPress hosting, where you can easily and quickly create a website to run your business faster. It provides one-click tools and unlimited workspaces that can simplify staging, testing, and deployment.

You get automatic security updates, daily backups, automatic caching and more features. They provide auto-migration plugins, Evercatch technology to make WordPress sites scalable and fast, and their team supports you 24/7.

The WP Engine Startup plan starts at $25, which includes a free SSL certificate, 10 GB of local storage, and supports 25k visits per month for one installation. It offers different plans including Professional, Growth and Scale depending on the number of organizations and commercial traffic.

How To Choose The Best WordPress Hosting In 2023 (compared)

If you’re not sure about purchasing managed WordPress hosting, go for a free trial. ZNetLive offers a free 30-day trial of managed WordPress hosting. ZNetLive’s WordPress hosting provides pre-installed WP-CLI and your data is backed up daily.

ZNetLive managed WordPress hosting offers 10 GB SSD, free CDN, DDoS protection, SEO toolkit, free SSL certificate, Plesk control panel and easy DNS management.

Starting at $3.39 per month for the most affordable price, ZNetLive offers 50 GB of bandwidth with support for up to 25,000 visits per month.

Which Hosting Is Best For WordPress

Who is the most reliable provider of fully managed WordPress hosting depends a lot on you and your website needs. If you are a blogger or just starting your website, SiteGround, Cloudways or DreamHost would be best for you because they cost less and can handle most of your needs.

Best WordPress Hosting Providers In 2023

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