19+ Ridiculous Trump Quotes

Donald trump is box office. Updated may 19 2019.

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Donald trump mocking the women who alleged he sexually assaulted them suggesting his accusers weren t attractive enough to earn his attention.

Ridiculous trump quotes. I do many things that are controversial. Mind you so was hitler. The 75 most ridiculous trump quotes.

America first and not trump first. October 14 2016 you know i m automatically attracted to beautiful i just start kissing them. The key thing about the coronavirus and what americans need to know and do about it is apparently that trump was right about it from the start even though some people ridiculed him.

It is very bad for america waiting for a jerk who can t stand losing. There is no doubt. Let president elect biden and vice president harris do their jobs and don t behave like a four year old child.

There are so many to choose from. If you look up buffoon in the dictionary you ll see the definition of a buffoon. One of trump s comment there s always opposition when you do something big.

She gets out and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions. The top 10 most ridiculous quotes donald trump has ever said. Posted apr 04 2016.

50 outrageous donald trump quotes. Which is what donald trump is. Like him or not some of donald trump quotes and comments are funny controversial and memorable.

When people see it they love it. And all merchants along fifth avenue are furious. And the whole city is furious it s not clear to me where trump got the evidence that either retailers on 5th avenue or the.

There s no denying that the donald is entertaining. The donald has ridden in like a one man hurricane blowing the us presidential race wide open defying his many many critics to sweep aside jeb bush ted cruz john.

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