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Marketing Cloud Shield – Experience statistics designed for marketers. With Engagement Intelligence Reports, you can analyze, visualize, and report on email, mobile, and visit data — all within Marketing Cloud Engagement.

Find out how fast, flexible, and easy-to-use analytics can help you create the best messaging experience for your customers.

Marketing Cloud Shield

Share the most important KPIs — to the most important people — with scheduled or one-off reports.

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Organize your data in ways that make sense to you. Design, organize, and create custom dashboards to visualize your data according to your business needs.

Different messaging use cases require different understanding. Customize the dimensions and metrics of your data to solve specific business use cases.

Connect, visualize, and analyze key data sources quickly and easily, all with ready-to-use applications powered by Marketing Cloud Intelligence.

With our Email to Web Conversion app, connect your email and Google Analytics web data to get a deeper understanding of customer behavior across your emails and website.

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With the Marketing Insights for Sales Cloud app, see the relationship between marketing and sales in full display by bringing Sales Cloud data and marketing spend.

With the Audience Insights Advertising Cloud app, see how your first-party audience activation works — no matter where your ads are running.

With the Cross-channel Marketing Insights app, combine your paid marketing data across all major channels for deep insights across Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, and Pinterest.

Marketing Cloud Shield

Ask about products, prices, usage, and anything else. Our experienced attorneys are standing by, ready to help. Or check out the “Pricing and Packaging Guide” to learn more. When I started my Salesforce career back in 2012, there were only two products available: Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Life was easy back then. Fast forward to today, and the number of Salesforce products has increased tenfold – each one aimed at improving your business and helping you connect with your customers.

Mastering Salesforce Consent Management

This post is designed to serve as your guide to all Salesforce products. We will explain the purpose and benefits of each product, as well as any add-ons that may be available. Enjoy!

The infographic below shows the broad landscape of Salesforce products and how they interact, including the main platform products and their various connectors.

Sales Cloud is Salesforce’s flagship product – it was released when the company was founded in 1999, and it has the most features of any CRM available today.

The main focus of Sales Cloud is to help companies accelerate their sales cycle by providing tools to manage leads, opportunities, businesses, and people they work with. Mainly aimed at B2B businesses, Sales Cloud has features like quoting, product management, and forecasting for sales managers.

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Salesforce CPQ was acquired through the acquisition of Steelbrick back in 2015, and stands for “Prepare, Price, Quote.” This allows customers to go beyond the basic functionality of Opportunity and Estimate Products and allows them to sell more complex sets of products in Salesforce.

CPQ has features such as product and pricing rules that help sales users create accurate quotes with complex sets of products and a quote generation engine.

On the other hand, Billing is an add-on to Salesforce CPQ. Once a quote is completed, Billing takes over the process and handles invoicing, billing, and revenue recognition.

Marketing Cloud Shield

Salesforce Service Cloud is a CRM that helps the customer support team in the business. It helps customers contact the company via email, live chat or phone support, and then helps the customer agent find and process a solution to the customer’s problem.

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Think back to the last time you spoke with a business using live chat or created a support ticket – chances are the company used a system like Service Cloud.

Additional Products: Digital Collaboration, Einstein Cloud Service, Voice of Service Cloud, Salesforce Anywhere, Customer Lifecycle Analytics, Salesforce Surveys Response Pack.

Simply put, when a customer orders new cable service, the cable installer shows up. Where they are now, where they are going, and how many meters of cable is in their van, everything is controlled by Field Service lightning.

Features include: appointment scheduling, dispatch technology, location management, and a mobile app to assist field service technicians.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a digital platform that automates marketing for email, social media, mobile apps, SMS, websites, and more.

Marketing Cloud can easily connect to other Salesforce products, such as Sales or Service Cloud, allowing CRM data to flow freely.

Note that in April 2022, Salesforce updated six Marketing Cloud product names (functionality remains the same). Reviewing these changes will help avoid confusion before you continue reading.

Marketing Cloud Shield

Since Salesforce Marketing Cloud is divided into several products, let’s take a look at each one: Journey Builder

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If you work in the B2C Marketing space, Journey Builder is the one to look for. This tool allows you to create a powerful sales journey and give customers a personalized experience.

A brand sends customers on a journey – where you can communicate with them through multiple platforms such as email, mobile, advertising, and your website.

If Journey Builder defines the path you want to take with your customers, Email Studio gives you the power to create the email content you want to send.

Email Studio has powerful features that help you create the perfect email with customizable features, scripting languages, or personalized content in real time.

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As you might guess from the name, Mobile Studio is similar to Email Studio, but with a focus on mobile content creation. Using the Salesforce product, you can create messages that can be sent via SMS, MMS, and Push messages.

The Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform (formerly known as Salesforce CDP/Customer 360 Audiences) provides a single platform for aggregating all of your customer data. You can create separate lists of your customers, and easily slice and dice data – even if your audience is in the millions.

Customer 360 Audiences lets you import data from any source to ensure you’re building the audience segment you want to target. Making sure you reach the right person at the right time.

Marketing Cloud Shield

To help you reach customers beyond email and mobile messaging, Advertising Studio provides a bridge to digital advertising platforms such as Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Marketing Cloud Personalization offers a new level of personalization for you and your customers. By registering the behavior of your customers on your website, the system can change the messages on your web pages and adapt the information according to the type of products and services that the customer likes.

All of your marketing platforms are always generating a lot of data. Marketing Cloud Intelligence consolidates all your marketing tools into a single source of truth. It provides comprehensive reporting, measurement, and optimization.

You can connect platforms like Google, YouTube, Instagram, etc. by clicking, not code, using out-of-the-box communication. Once connected, Datorama can show you trends, progress against goals, and the ROI of your marketing efforts.

In January 2021, Salesforce announced the launch of Loyalty Management with the goal of helping businesses engage and reward their customers.

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Using clicks and not code, the platform allows businesses to build loyalty programs at scale. You can create different programs – including tiered memberships or points for each purchase.

Loyalty Management can be configured to work with Experience Cloud for customer registration and Marketing Cloud for content delivery.

One of Salesforce’s most widely used products, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is Salesforce’s B2B marketing solution. The platform focuses on email marketing, with additional features for landing page creation, form building, and lead scoring and reporting.

Marketing Cloud Shield

Slack was acquired by Salesforce for $27.7B in December 2020 and was their largest acquisition ever.

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Slack is a messaging app for businesses; it allows you to message your colleagues directly or communicate with them using dedicated channels set up for a specific purpose. For example, you can use the project station, or your regional office.

Salesforce bought Slack to revolutionize the way businesses communicate in this new remote world we’re entering. Check out some of the first integrations that Salesforce has released to bring the two platforms closer together.

If the Public Cloud, Experience Cloud is the product you need to help you create different platforms for your customers, partners (or even employees!), to communicate with your business.

With Experience Cloud, you can create portals, forums, websites, and help centers, built directly on the Salesforce platform, and seamlessly integrated with all of your CRM data.

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The tool is available in a low-code environment, which means you can create beautiful platforms using standard drag-and-drop tools.

With the amount of information collected by all businesses, data should be at the heart of any business strategy. Salesforce offers several solutions that go beyond standard flash reports and dashboards to provide deeper insights into your data. CRM Analytics (formerly Tableau CRM)

Once named Tableau CRM, CRM Analytics is native to the Salesforce platform. It allows you to use Salesforce data, as well as any data from external sources, to embed analytics within Salesforce. Users must have Salesforce licenses to access this data.

Marketing Cloud Shield

Tableau was acquired by Salesforce in 2019 to enter the big business intelligence space. The table

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