Marketing Cloud Datorama

Marketing Cloud Datorama – Ralph Bluewolf is a marketing services consultant at an IBM company. I have been working with both Pardot and Marketing Cloud for over 4 years now.

As you probably know, Marketing Cloud Discover reports are scheduled to be retired on April 1, 2022. After that date, you will no longer be able to use the Discover reporting tool in Analytics Builder.

Marketing Cloud Datorama

Marketing Cloud Datorama

So what’s next? Of course, Salesforce Marketing Cloud doesn’t leave us in the dark. In this guide, I’ll give my perspective on Datorma Reports (now known as Engagement Intelligence Reports) and the Datorma (Marketing Cloud Intelligence) suite, and conclude which option you should use next.

New Marketing Cloud Features: Just Launched; Summarized Here!

The good news is that you may already have Intelligence Reports enabled (if you purchased Salesforce Marketing Cloud on or after September 1, 2021 and are using Pro, Corporate, or Enterprise editions).

If you purchased before this date, Datorma reports will be activated according to your contract renewal period (contact your Account Executive (AE) for more information).

Datorma reports allow you to create and share detailed analysis of emails, push notifications and campaign-level travel data. They can be accessed through the Analytics Builder. Consider these similar replacements for Discover Reports. Datorma Report Builder is divided into three main sections: 1. Datorma Dashboards (Intelligence).

Datorma Reports offers an out-of-the-box dashboard that can be easily manipulated using predefined filters. Datorma dashboard examples include engagement and delivery metrics such as opens, clicks, click-through rate, bounces, unsubscribes, etc.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Winter ’22 Release

Unfortunately, one drawback right now is the inability to customize dashboards (which you can do when using Datorma’s advanced reports).

Analyze data using pivot tables. Select the parameters (fields) and measures (metrics) you want to view, then select any filter. Pivot tables can also be saved for future use and exported to .csv. Here is an example below:

While the user interface isn’t the most user-friendly, it has a lot more flexibility than Salesforce Marketing’s standard cloud reports. You can send emails, transfer files, or upload reports to cloud storage, such as Google or Azure, using the report scheduler.

Marketing Cloud Datorama

Bonus: Thanks to Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack, Slack customers can now share reports and dashboards directly in Slack using the Slack Inbound WebHooks app. Datorama Advanced Reports (Intelligence Reports for Engagement Advanced)

Datorama Marketing Cloud

If you’re looking for more flexibility, Datorma Advanced Reports (Intelligence Reports for Mixed Advanced) can offer that. Available as an upgrade for Pro Edition and above customers, Datorama Advanced Reports additionally provides the following features: 1. Custom Dashboards

Customize dashboards so you’re not limited to out-of-the-box dashboards that can only be changed using preset filters. 2. Personal Data

On top of that, with Advanced you can create custom KPIs and data extracts using the Data Lake query feature. For example, by querying the engagement_data table, retrieve the email delivery rate per subscriber per day of the week, as shown in this example.

You are no longer limited to single channel dashboards! Using Cross-Channel Segmentation Datorma Advanced customers can use out-of-the-box applications to enrich their analytics across multiple marketing channels, a full list can be found here. What is Datorma (Marketing Cloud Intelligence)?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Datorama: Bring Your Data Into Play

Datorma is a marketing intelligence platform that offers its users the ability to connect their entire MarTech stack (independent of the main SFMC platform).

It offers even more flexibility. The platform is divided into three areas: Connect and Mix, Analyze and Act, and Visualize. 1. Connect and mix

Connect & Mix is ​​where Datorma excels, offering a large number of connectors designed to enrich marketing analytics with external marketing tools (eg Google Adwords, Google Analytics, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and even TikTok!).

Marketing Cloud Datorama

Datorma also offers the option to consume data by embedding flat files like .xls, .csv, .json or using technology providers like MySQL, MongoDB, Amazon and many more.

New Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Datorama, And Service Cloud Features Released

Once implemented, Datorma Harmonization Center can synchronize all your data updates using various tools such as:

This is where users can create pivot tables, goals, thresholds, and automate how reports are delivered across different channels (all now embedded with Salesforce AI).

A marketer’s playground! Create fully customized dashboards using an intuitive canvas, drag-and-drop functionality, and a wide variety of reusable visualizations. With the right analytical capability, there are unlimited possibilities for custom visualizations.

Like Marketing Cloud Business Units, Datorma also provides workspaces that can be used to encapsulate your visualization efforts according to your organizational hierarchy and access requirements. Datorama (Marketing Cloud Intelligence) Limitations.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence For Agencies

Getting to know Datorma Reports is definitely worth your time, as it replaces Discover reporting (and will be included for Pro, Corporate and Enterprise editions). It’s also important to understand the limitations before expecting Datorma to be the answer to all your analytics needs. Experience with analytics for marketers. With Intelligence Reports for Engagement, you can analyze, visualize and report on email, mobile and travel data – all within Marketing Cloud Engagement.

Learn how fast, flexible and easy-to-use analytics can help you create the best messaging experience for your customers.

Share the KPIs that matter most – with the people who matter most – with regular or one-time reports.

Marketing Cloud Datorama

Make sense of your data in a way that makes sense to you. Design, edit and create custom dashboards to view your data according to your business needs.

Datorama, Plataforma Salesforce Que Simplifica El Marketing

Unique messaging use cases require unique understanding. Customize your data dimensions and parameters to solve specific business use cases.

Connect, visualize and analyze key data sources more quickly and easily using ready-made apps built by Marketing Cloud Intelligence.

With the Email to Web conversion app, connect your email and Google Analytics web data for a deeper understanding of customer behavior on your email and website.

With the Marketing Insights for Sales Cloud app, see the relationship between marketing and sales in a holistic view by bringing together Sales Cloud data along with marketing spend.

Marketing Cloud 101: Studios And Builders

With our Audience Insights for Marketing Cloud advertising app, see how your first-party audience activations are performing – wherever your ads are shown.

With the Cross-Channel Marketing Insights app, combine your paid marketing data across every major channel for deep insights into Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads and Pinterest.

Ask about products, prices, applications or anything else. Our knowledgeable representatives are ready to help. Or check out our “Price and Packaging Guide” to learn more. If you’re a marketer, you might have ten tabs open in your browser with ten different tools. is that you Then Dataroma is right for you.

Marketing Cloud Datorama

Marketers like you tend to work on different tools to run campaigns on Google, mobile, social media, ads, you will also use a CRM tool to manage all the key information. But the problem with this is hard data. You won’t believe the power of bringing all the data into one place and then making data-driven decisions. This is what Dataroma can do for you.

Powerful Alternative To Marketing Cloud Intelligence (formerly Datorama)

This article covers what dataroma is and why it is important to any marketing team or business in existence.

DataRoma is a marketing intelligence and analytics tool where you can bring in data from various marketing tools using connectors. Salesforce says DataRoma is transparent, saves time and drives growth for marketers.

DataRoma definitely saves time for marketers – they don’t need to extract reports from tools and combine data together, you also get time to analyze the data. You can also view real-time data and ultimately improve your campaign performance.

“33% of marketers agree that improving understanding and connecting with the right customers is most important to achieving their marketing goals over the next three years” – Think with Google

January 2021 Salesforce Marketing Cloud Release Notes

With data in hand, you can gain a deeper understanding of customers and make informed decisions.

Now that we understand what Dataroma is and how it can be useful, in the next section we will tell you about its capabilities.

With Dataroma, you connect any data; No matter where it comes from – any instrument, channel or internal systems. Once you’re connected, you can start analyzing data and understanding your customers better.

Marketing Cloud Datorama

This data remains independent and is not related to other data from different sources. If you want to see all the data in one place, skip this section and go to TotalConnect, API Connect. Once you’ve uploaded the file, Dataroma pulls up a dashboard and you can instantly get insights.

Struggles Solved With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence, Powered By Datorama

The icing on the cake is that machine learning platforms can learn by themselves every day. It gets smarter and smarter! It learns from data linked to DataRoma.

Once you bring in the marketing data, the next step is to dig into it, get insights. You can create colorful reports, optimize data with it. You can present accurate reports, high-level KPI indicators to your management on mobile or online and even have the option to examine the data.

Marketing teams like yours can inform each other about important insights from the data or they can inform each other what changes are happening in campaigns using DataRoma.

Your goals can be managed and you can automate workflows right within the tool. How about let’s dig a little deeper?

Ask A Pro: Datorama Reports

Activation Rules and Library – You can define action rules where if a certain condition is matched

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