Hosting Gator

Hosting Gator – HostGator web hosting is one of the most popular hosting companies that have been running their operations worldwide for a long time.

To establish and maintain a stable business, your website must have a hosting solution that provides a smooth and powerful solution. If you don’t choose the right hosting for your website, it can negatively affect your online business.

Hosting Gator

Hosting Gator

In this article, we will go through an in-depth review of HostGator web hosting. So, if you already heard about Hostgator, or you are still looking for the best hosting service provider for your website, you might find the review useful.

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We will highlight all the important features of HostGator web hosting, its plans, and of course the price.

HostGator is a hosting company based in Houston, US that provides worldwide hosting solutions. They started their web hosting journey in 2002. Till date, they provide hosting for more than 2.5 million websites. Since they have been in the market for almost two decades, it is not surprising, and they are expanding their business reach outside the US. Now HostGator is available in all regions. According to Wikipedia, HostGator was sold to Endurance International Group in 2012 for $299.8 million. They opened their office in Brazil in 2007. Now they are present in over ten countries. Besides the US and Brazil, they provide services in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Africa and Russia.

HostGator offers all the essential and standard features that hosting companies offer. We list the main features of HostGator below.

Your website is useless if you don’t even have a domain. Like most hosting providers, HostGator offers free SSL to their customers even on their cheapest plans. But only one year. After one year you have to renew it at the normal rate. HostGator has three pricing plans. You have three options to choose from, 12 months, 24 months and 36 months. To use the domain for free, customers must choose a plan for at least 12 months.

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You can’t ignore the security of your website, and neither can HostGator. With all their plans, a free SSL certificate is included. This SSL protects your domain and subdomains by encrypting the data shared between your server and web visitors. SSL uses a strong signature of 2048 bits, and encryption is up to 256 bits. It has 99.9% browser recognition. However, a free SSL certificate provides a basic level of security, and you can choose a premium SSL from HostGator as well, starting at $39.99 per year.

That’s not a must-have feature in a web hosting provider but it’s definitely a nice addition for those looking to design their own websites. HostGator’s free website builder tool allows you to create your own website without any coding knowledge. It already offers hundreds of mobile responsive designs and plenty of graphics to start your project from scratch. Gator Builder uses AI-based technology that allows you to create your site with advanced layouts and industry-specific designs. All procedures can be done in a few minutes. Additionally, HostGator has a team of experts ready to help you create your website.

However, it is a feature, or you can say a big advantage that you cannot ignore this very impressive time. Once you launch your website, no one is willing to deal with downtime, neither the website owner nor the visitors. Also, if someone visits your site and finds it inaccessible, it will create a very bad image for your site. If you run a business with your site, the losses can be even more significant. Typically, more than 99.50% is considered good uptime. With HostGator, you get 99.99% uptime. That’s definitely good.

Hosting Gator

Whether you are a freshman or an intermediate student, support is important for all. Any errors and technical errors can occur at any time and your website may not work. Unless you get help from your hosting provider, your website may be down for a few hours. That can cause huge losses. HostGator offers 24/7/365. You can schedule a call, join a live chat or fire off an email. Alternatively, you can ask for support on Twitter as well. They have an award-winning support team ready to help.

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Once you join a hosting company, switch to any of their plans, it doesn’t mean you have to stick with them if you find anything wrong there. Although all companies try to improve things, many people will find something wrong. The hosting provider should have a proper refund policy if you are not willing to use their service. But most companies don’t offer refunds or take some kind. But HostGator web hosting offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. It takes a while to get a refund. Usually, companies offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

HostGator web hosting offers unlimited bandwidth to all their customers with any plan they choose. According to the expected web traffic and other requirements, website owners choose a hosting plan for them. However, you cannot calculate the amount of bandwidth or space you will need. HostGator offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space for all its hosting plans. For those who don’t know what unmetered bandwidth and disk space is, the unmetered method means you don’t have to pay extra if you exceed your monthly bandwidth and disk space. Most hosting companies charge you for the extra bandwidth you use.

There are many platforms where you can buy domains, and many hosting providers sell domains. With HostGator, you get the added benefit of free domain transfers. Let’s say you bought a domain from GoDaddy many times ago and now you want to move it to HostGator. You will need some information. If you haven’t already, you will probably hire a professional who will definitely charge you. But, you can get free domain transfer from HostGator. You should ask the support team only.

When you build a website, all parts of it, from coding to plugins, images and graphics, are all stored on the hosting. There are many reasons why website owners change their hosting providers. Whatever the reason for the change, it requires an in-depth knowledge of the subject. Without in-depth and correct information, your site may suffer badly or something worse could happen. Therefore, the work should be done by professionals. Moving a website is hard work, and professionals charge high fees. If you want to migrate your website to HostGator, you can do it for free as they offer free website migration service.

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The only thing that people might find negative is the choice of data center. HostGator does not allow customers to choose data centers, and most of their data centers are based in the US.

Shared hosting plans are the most popular plans because of their affordability. Many people start their journey with a shared hosting plan. HostGator offers three shared hosting plans for Hatchery, Baby and Business.

Hatchling is an entry-level client program suitable for a single website. If you are just starting your website, you don’t have a big budget and a big project, you can choose this plan. This program provides all the essential tools and features you need to start your website journey. It includes ree SSL, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, a free domain and one-click WordPress installation.

Hosting Gator

This plan starts at $2.75 per month. It is important to note that customers can only receive rates for the 36th monthly billing cycle. For different types of payment cycles, the rates are very different.

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The plan is recommended by HostGator, which offers advanced features. From this plan, you can host unlimited websites with this hosting plan. All features are almost identical to the Hatching system except for multi-domain compatibility. The Kids plan starts at $3.50 per month, it’s even cheaper if you choose the 36 monthly plan.

As you can see, the 36-month plan is about a third of the regular price. You can save 64.82% on the price.

HostGator’s advanced shared hosting plans are packed with all the features needed to build a fully functional website.

You get all the features of Hatchery and Child programs in it. It also offers free dedicated IP and SEO tools. This plan costs $5.25 per month if you opt-in to a 36-month payment plan.

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All shared hosting plans are suitable for beginners or small businesses. If you want to splurge on the cheapest solution, the Hatching plan gives you a free domain, SSL certificate and everything else to get you started. The Business and Kids plans are perfect for developing a website, or if you want to start a small business website with a small amount of content.

Now let’s get to the WordPress hosting plans that HostGator offers to customers. Like all other major web hosting companies, HostGator offers dedicated hosting for WordPress enthusiasts. The only downside with WordPress hosting is that it happens

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