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Hosting Enterprises – With the increase in remote work we’ve seen in recent years, the number of companies using live streaming and other video services for internal communications has also increased. These businesses, along with businesses that depend on videos for marketing campaigns or revenue, need a secure business video hosting platform.

Whether you’re looking for ways to effectively communicate with employees, market your brand and brand, or monetize video content, finding a reliable hosting provider should be at the top of your priority list. But what exactly should you be looking for? Let’s get excited.

Hosting Enterprises

Hosting Enterprises

Business video hosting platforms provide video hosting services for businesses of all sizes. Companies that use them ensure that their own websites are not overloaded with video content and that their videos are safe and easily accessible to viewers.

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To ensure this, corporate video hosting platforms use the latest industry standards and are constantly introducing new features and helpful tools. This has created a highly competitive market with a variety of commercial video hosting solutions. So how do you choose the best one? And why not just go with one of the free options? Well, there’s a perfectly good reason for that.

There are various free video hosting solutions available, with YouTube being the most popular example. Anyone can record, upload a video and share it for the world to see. And with enough viewers and subscribers, it’s possible to monetize your video content without any financial investment. So why shouldn’t your business use free video hosting solutions like YouTube and its alternatives?

The answer is simple: these platforms offer lower quality services compared to paid video hosting for businesses. On free platforms, your content is not protected from piracy, your monetization options are limited, and your earnings are low. Of course, you can create your own video hosting site, but this takes a lot of time, money and resources. If you have a limited budget, investing in a paid corporate video hosting solution is more affordable.

Now that we’ve established that free video hosting isn’t a good solution for business, it’s time to look for a reliable, secure, and affordable business video hosting platform. But how do you know which one is right for your business? Here are some of the most important features to look for when choosing the best video hosting for businesses.

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The security and privacy of the content you upload to an online video hosting site is paramount, especially if the videos contain sensitive information about your business. A good corporate video hosting solution should have multiple layers of protection.

Some of the most effective security and privacy features to look for include password protection, IP and domain restrictions, geo-blocking, AES encryption, and encryption. Although the goal of your content is to be shared with a large audience and monetized, secure video hosting should be at the top of your priority list.

Both encoding and transcoding are critical processes in streaming video. Videos hosted on the platform must be compatible with multiple players, browsers, operating systems and devices. Built-in automatic transcoding takes care of that.

Hosting Enterprises

After uploading a video, the video conversion process starts and the file is converted into many different formats. With good professional video hosting solutions, this process happens automatically and saves you a lot of time and nerves.

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On the other hand, video encoding is the process of compressing videos into smaller files. This ensures the video is easily playable and a smooth viewing experience. For VOD, a built-in encoder isn’t necessary, but it’s definitely a useful tool to have.

Digital rights management, also known as DRM, is a technology that protects copyrighted content from illegal distribution and modification. It is an important tool to protect your intellectual property. In short, this process involves encrypting content.

When a device tries to access this content, the player transmits this information to the authorization server. If the device is authorized to view the video, the server sends an encryption key and allows access. DRM is a must-have tool for every enterprise video hosting platform. If the solution you’re considering doesn’t contain DRM, you’re better off looking for another platform.

While protecting your content and rights is important, professional video hosting platforms must do more than that. The exact list of features to look for depends on what you intend to do with your videos.

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For example, if you plan to monetize, different video monetization models with analytics should be at the top of your list. On the other hand, if the purpose of the videos is to sell a product, a set of sales and marketing tools will be crucial. If you have a large number of videos, bulk uploading, editing and deleting should be some must-see features.

Still, even if you have access to all the resources in the world, it won’t mean much if your video content management system is difficult to navigate. A smooth, intuitive CMS will save you hours of time and make managing content less of a hassle. Of course, if you are new to video hosting it will be a learning curve, but it shouldn’t feel impossible.

Thinking of building and monetizing an on-demand OTT platform? At this time, diverse and effective monetization tools should be prioritized. Keep in mind that monetization is not a standard feature of hosting forums. However, it’s a huge boon for companies looking to monetize their content.

Hosting Enterprises

There are many ways to monetize videos. AVOD, also known as ad-based video on demand, is a monetization model that allows video advertising to create a revenue stream. Your viewers don’t have to pay anything, but they do have to watch ads to access your content.

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If you prefer to offer ad-free content, consider SVOD — subscription-based video. Your audience pays a recurring subscription fee to gain access to your content.

The third major way to monetize videos is TVOD (Video on Demand) which involves one-time transactions that allow you to access content indefinitely or for a limited period of time.

As with video monetization, an integrated player is not an essential requirement for a good hosting provider. However, having a simple and customizable player with high video format compatibility is definitely a big plus and could attract many customers who don’t have their own video player.

While the HTML5 player is not the only option, it is popular among distributions. It is compatible with any device from smartphones to smart TVs. Plus, it’s easy to customize and match your business branding. And finally, embedding an HTML5 player is a simple and straightforward process. Regardless of the purpose of your video content, an online video platform that uses an HTML5 player is probably your best bet.

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OTT and CTV compatibility are important features to look for in an enterprise video hosting platform if you plan to distribute content to a large audience. A video platform that offers OTT SDKs can create additional revenue streams for your business (if the platform itself offers monetization tools) and make your content more accessible. OTT and CTV are effective ways to distribute and monetize content as they allow viewers to watch your videos on multiple devices.

Now that you know exactly what you’re looking for, let’s take a look at some of the best options on the market, what features they offer and how much you should expect to pay for them.

It’s a relatively new enterprise video platform focused on video monetization for businesses of all sizes. The versatile platform supports all major video file formats with a lightweight and fully customizable HTML5 player. It uses a trusted CDN and offers a wide range of content management tools from analytics, ad-based monetization, VAST and VPAID ad account support, SDKs for Android, iOS and tvOS and more.

Hosting Enterprises

It’s an especially good choice for businesses looking to monetize their content with ads. The platform supports both inbound and outbound ad units and offers a wide range of ad formats. It also allows users to auction their ad inventory using the platform’s video header bidding feature.

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It also gives you real-time data on how your videos are performing. This allows you to track audience engagement as it happens and optimize content to maximize revenue. Embedded data ranges from browser and device data to engagement tracking and geographic data. Additionally, video analytics can be integrated with various analytics tools such as Nielsen and Comcore.

It offers a 14-day free trial for its premium plan which gives the user full access to all the features of the platform. In addition to the free trial, there are three additional options:

Vimeo is a popular corporate video hosting, sharing and streaming platform.

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