Hosting Domain

Hosting Domain – Here, I thought I covered everything about starting a blog and making money from a blog. But one thing I missed was how to buy web hosting and domain name.

Many new bloggers make the mistake of buying hosting from unreliable companies and regret the mistake later. In this step-by-step guide, I’ll share everything you need to know to buy a reliable web hosting and domain name.

Hosting Domain

Hosting Domain

For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be purchasing hosting from Bluehost, which is the official recommended hosting service for WordPress. As a bonus, with Bluehost, you get a free domain name.

Best Free

Not only will this save you money, but it will also allow you to manage everything in one place.

Bluehost provides a free SSL certificate which is a must have and you also have the option to upgrade to PHP 7.0x.

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I suggest you follow this guide and buy your hosting plan and domain name as mentioned here.

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You get a free domain name with BlueHost, or you can use any of your existing domain names if you’ve already purchased one.

If you haven’t decided on your domain name yet, this guide will help you. You can also use a free service like BustAName, or LeanDomainSearch, or NameStation to find a good domain name.

When buying web hosting and domain, you can pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal. Make sure you have a valid payment method.

Hosting Domain

Here’s a guide I recommend you read first. This will give you some basic information about web hosting, and you will learn how to save money on your web hosting purchase.

Domain Name Vs. Web Hosting

This will take you to a page where you will see three different packages to choose from. I’ll quickly explain the different packages, but you should also read this guide to get a deeper understanding of what these packages offer.

Since the price difference between Plus and Choice Plus packages is not much, you should opt for Choice Plus. Even if you’re only hosting one site now, with the Choice Plus package, you can host unlimited sites in the future if you need to.

Note: The links I am giving here will give you huge discounts on all these packages. But this discount is only for first bill, so better to buy package for 2-3 years to save money.

Note: In this tutorial, I am purchasing the starter plan for 12 months. The process is the same regardless of which plan you choose.

What’s A Domain Name ..and What The Heck Is Hosting?

After choosing your plan, you can either choose to get a free domain name from Bluehost, or you can use any of your existing domain names.

You can also claim your free domain later. Just email Bluehost’s customer service team and they’ll help you out.

If you are using an existing domain name, you need to change your domain registrar’s name servers to:

Hosting Domain

If you want to keep things simple, enter the domain name you want to purchase in the “New Domain” field and your free domain will be activated with the web hosting plan.

What Is A Domain Name? Domains Explained For Beginners

Make sure you verify every detail, especially your email address. Your login and hosting information will be sent to your email address.

This part is very important, and you should pay extra attention here to make sure you don’t get charged extra that you don’t need.

Choose your hosting package for a 12 or 36 month term. You will see that the price decreases as the duration increases.

You don’t really need options like CodeGuard Basic, Yoast SEO Premium, Single Domain SSL, and SiteLock security.

How To Connect Your Domain To Your Website

Only, but if you want to pay via PayPal, click on “More Payment Options” and it will appear.

On the next page, you will see your hosting package purchase confirmation, and you will see a screen like below.

Check your email inbox, and you will receive a confirmation email with all the login information for your web hosting account. The only thing that won’t be included in the email is the password you created in the last step – this is for your security.

Hosting Domain

If you follow the steps in this article and the two articles above, you have successfully purchased a domain and hosting.

The 6 Best Cheap Web Hosting Services Of 2022

Did you use this guide to purchase your hosting package? Are you stuck somewhere in between? Let me know how it went in the comments below!

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The Costs Of Business Domain Name Registration And Web Hosting In Singapore

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Hosting Domain

You build your website, we’ll take care of the rest. This is the promise of web hosting, which offers simplicity, flexibility and performance. Get a complete pre-installed infrastructure that’s always available, 24/7 monitored and up-to-date with security patches.

Namecheap Review: A Top Domain Registrar

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The 11 Best Domain Name Registrars To Use Now (2023)

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Hosting Domain

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Difference Between Domain And Hosting

Sentence! If you want to build a complex website tailored to your needs, choose a comprehensive, collaborative CMS with an extensive library of templates and extensions. find out more

CDN S$3.89 Ex. GST/month Content Delivery Network (CDN) reduces the load time of your pages. This will provide your users with a richer browsing experience and consequently improve the user experience.

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What Is A Domain Name? The Marketing And Technical Info You Need To Know

A web hosting plan is a type of technology that you can use to view website content. Without hosting there would be no internet. This term usually refers to the storage space in the server, which is used to keep the website online. It makes website content accessible to all visitors. Technology and server power are constantly evolving, so you can host complex applications and websites on resource-rich infrastructure. Before you can host your website, you must have a domain name. This is an essential element, because the Domain Name System (DNS) associates domains with IP addresses. This is your online identity. When a web user enters your URL or part of your domain name into their browser, DNS associates them with that address, allowing anyone to find your website. Having a personal server requires computing knowledge and manpower – it can also be expensive. This is why hosting providers offer their expertise to customers, so that you can host your websites and applications easily and quickly.

Shared hosting offers a good balance between features and price. They are suitable for medium hosting.

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