22+ Harley Quinn And Joker Quotes

Her love for joker has gained the attention of the fans since she has always stayed to the joker s side. Before harley quinn was a mischievous murderer she was actually the joker s psychiatrist dr.

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Enjoy the 100 best quotes from harley quinn and joker the most brutal couple in the dccomic universe.

Harley quinn and joker quotes. They ll eat each other. Go to any halloween party or comic convention and you will see someone or the other dressed as harley quinn be it the original one or the one played by margot robbie in. Harleen quinzel at arkham asylum.

The sorrow behind your smile. Harley s character is one of the biggest and most popular in the comic universe right now. But now that s over mister j harley quinn.

Their morals their code. Before falling in love with the joker and being a partner in crime in his creepy deeds harley quinn was known as dr. 100 quotes from harley quinn and joker movie.

Only trust someone who can see these three things in you. The joker she becomes his accomplice and adopts the villain name harley quinn as a play. Usually the arrival of batman strikes fear in the hearts of even the baddest kinds of villains deadshot for example but harley instead responded with outright shooting the hood of the car.

Smile because it s easier than explaining what. Despite being a topic of conversation her fans have always searched for the harley quinn quotes. The only person joker does seem to have some sort connection with is harley quinn.

Since the beginning harley quinn is a star topic of sexism and her character is always over sexualized. I may be twisted but at least i make it interesting joker. Harleen quinzel eventually comes to fall in love with a patient she is assigned to.

One of the most memorable characters from batman isn t the protagonist himself but rather the flamboyantly violent harley quinn originating as a psychologist in the hospital for criminally ill patients arkham asylum dr. Only trust someone who can see these three things in you. Joker and harley quinn quotes.

Prepare for the scandal with the best phrases of joker and harley quinn. I may look happy but honestly dear the only way i will really smile is if you cut me ear to ear joker. And the reason behind your silence harley quinn.

More harley quinn quotes about the joker. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. Harleen quinzel a psychiatrist at arkham asylum.

Harley quinn and joker quotes. You ll recall harley and joker s joyride through the streets of gotham in suicide squad an event which ended with batman apprehending harley quinn. When the chips are down these uh civilized people.

Joker was actually her patient with whom she fell in love in the further part of the story. You ll see i ll show you. 1 100 quotes from harley quinn and joker.

We had mad love once upon a time. The love behind your anger. See i m not a monster i m just ahead of the curve.

They re only as good as the world allows them to be. Smile because it confuses people. It s a bad joke.

Harley quinn and joker quotes. And as the cold blooded clown opened up to her about being beaten as a child her sympathy for him grew and then eventually blossomed into love.

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